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What kind of youth come to YouthQuest?
Any youth who is in need of learning how to become independent are welcome at YouthQuest. The program serves youth, aged 17-21, in the foster care system, juvenile justice system or those who are simply in need of intensive independent living training. YouthQuest looks at each youth on an individual basis.

How long can a youth stay at YouthQuest?
A youth can remain at YouthQuest until their 21st birthday. However, it is the YouthQuest goal to successfully transition the youth into his/her own apartment prior to that time. Discharge planning begins at the time of admission, and ends when the youth has been successfully prepared to transition.

Can a youth still be in high school and come to YouthQuest?
Yes, our youth currently attend high school, GED programs, vocational schools, community college or 4 year colleges.

How much supervision do youth receive?
YouthQuest provides staff on-site for 18 hours of the day as well as all of our Life Skills Coaches and Supervisors are on call 24 hours of the day. In addition, we have an on-call wake position covering the hours of 12:30 am to 7:30am. This is not an overnight staff that is located within the youth’s apartments. This staff is on call as well as completes random spot checks of the apartments to ensure the residents safety throughout the night.

Do you provide transportation?
Yes, transportation is provided as needed to all of our youth, however we strongly encourage them to utilize public transportation as appropriate

Do you utilize the Casey Life Skills Assessment?
Yes. The Casey Life Skills Assessment is used to assess the individual needs of our youth and to formulate their transitional living plans.

How are you funded?
YouthQuest funding typically comes from CSA, 294 or private funding. Unfortunately, Medicaid will not pay for any type of IL program, including YouthQuest.

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